Delaunay triangulations

Triangulate point data, edges and arbitrary shaped convex or concave holes, islands and outer bounds.

Mesh generation from unordered faces

Convert surfaces consisting of unordered 3d faces into meshes. Orbit million of shaded faces in real-time or apply textures on the mesh.

Solid generation from unordered faces

Generate solids from unordered 3d faces and enable boolean operations and mass property computations.

Surface reconstruction from wireframe lines

Reconstruct surfaces consisting of 3d faces from unordered wirefame lines defining triangular or quadrilateral faces.

Contour lines

Compute contour (profile) lines of surfaces consisting of 3d face entities in arbitrary parallel planes.

Polyline development

Develop the Z-height over the XY length of a 3d polyline (profile) and compute the derivative of the development.

Silhouette computation

Compute the silhouette of unordered faces in an arbitrary view. The silhouette is the visible outer bound of all faces.

Surface slicing

Slice surfaces consisting of 3d faces along arbitrary planes similar to the AutoCAD slice command.

Polyline generation from unordered lines

Generate polylines from hundreds of thousands of unordered lines. Ultra-fast!

Polyline simplification

Reduce the number of polyline vertices so that the maximum spatial distance between any point on the original polyline to the simplified polyline is smaller than specified.

Surface projection

Project lines and points onto surfaces consisting of 3d faces. This allows adding height information to planar point data and graphs.

Surface colorizing

Colorize z-height, face density and other properties of surfaces consisting of 3d faces.

Point on entity generation

Generate points on various primitives and solids. Use this feature e.g. to reengineer vertex data from a triangulated surface or to container-load 3d solids!

Convex hulls

Compute 2d and 3d convex hulls of a set of points. Convex hulls contain all points with minimal perimeter or surface area, respectively.

3d bounding boxes

Compute tight 3d bounding boxes of sets of points. Use this feature to container-load point clouds in no time!

Enclosing rectangles

Compute minimum area and minimum perimeter enclosing rectangles of a set of points. These rectangles completely contain all points in their interior or on their boundaries.

Enclosing circles

Compute the minimum enclosing circle of a set of points. This is the smallest circle that completely contains all points in its interior or on its boundary.

Import / export

ComputationalCAD for AutoCAD supports several simple but powerful plain ASCII import and export formats, including Microsoft Excel csv, xml and stereolithography STL.

Superior performance and industry strength

ComputationalCAD relies on exact arithmetic vector and computational geometry libraries that have well proved their value in numerous industrial applications around the world.