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Delaunay Triangulations

Conforming Delaunay triangulations (CDTs) are a key requirement for quality Digital Terrain Modeling (DTM). In addition to just triangulating point data, a CDT allows to respect constraints and boundaries: edges and arbitrary shaped convex or concave holes, islands and outer bounds can become part of the triangulated surface while maintaining the Delaunay property.


Figure 30: A Delaunay triangulated surface comprising app. 107k faces

ComputationalCAD for AutoCAD provides a Delaunay triangulation algorithm eligible for large scale Digital Terrain Modelling (DTM). ComputationalCAD for AutoCAD allows to

§ triangulate point data

§ make lines part of the triangulation

§ consider holes and islands

§ reduce the number of vertices of an existing triangulation

§ generate contour lines of a triangulation




Input data


CDT command