Eliminate duplicate points in UCS xy plane

Eliminate duplicate points with identical x and y coordinates in UCS.

Access methods

8 Toolbar: Eliminate_32x32

8 Menu: ComputationalCAD † Eliminate 2d identical points

7 Command entry: CC:POINTS:ELIM2D


Select points:
Select the points to eliminate duplicates from.

Specify snap radius:
Enter the snap radius. Expects a value greater or equal 0. Default is <0>.

Point to keep [Highest/Lowest]:
<Highest>:     The point with the highest z-coordinate within the snap radius is kept. (default)
<Lowest>:      The point with the lowest z-coordinate within the snap radius is kept.


If the UCS z-coordinate of point p1 is greater than the z-coordinate of point p2, p2 will be eliminated if <Highest> was specified. Otherwise, p1 will be eliminated. If the UCS z-coordinates of both points are identical, any of the points will be eliminated. All coordinates refer to UCS.


Figure 8: Two points and respective snap circles

hint   Use the native AutoCAD command overkill to eliminate identical 3d points.




Figure 9: 54k vertices reduced to 28k vertices using the Elim2d command