Export to a XML entity format file

Write UCS point, line, polyline and 3dface data with layer and color information to an XML file.

Access methods

8 Toolbar: Export_xml_32x32

8 Menu: ComputationalCAD † Export † Export xml

7 Command entry: CC:IO:XMLOUT


Select objects:
Select the point, line, polyline and 3d face objects to write to the file.

Specify file name:
Enter a valid file name with full path. A dialog is displayed depending on the FILEDIA settings.       .
If the specified file already exists, the following dialog occurs:

           File already exists. Overwrite? [Yes, No]:
                     <Yes>:    The existing file will be irreversibly overwritten.
                     <No>:     Loops back (default)


Polylines can be 2d or 3d polylines. However, polylines will always be imported as 3d polyline entities.