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Handling point primitives

ComputationalCAD for AutoCAD provides a couple of methods to generate and modify point data to generate input for other methods. Available methods allow to

§ reengineer point data from a surface consisting of 3dface entities,

§ generate point data from text entities,

§ reduce the amount of point data,

§ generate point data by subdivision of spline, line, polyline, circle or arc entities,

§ eliminate duplicate points with identical xy-coordinates in UCS within a specified range,

§ blur the xy-coordinates of points in UCS,

§ project points onto a surface consisting of 3dface entities.


hint   Influence the appearance of points by setting the AutoCAD _ddptype value.



Generate points on primitives

Generate points on solids

Eliminate duplicate points in UCS xy plane

Blur points in UCS xy plane

Project points onto a surface