Reconstruct surface from wireframe command

Reconstruct a surface consisting of triangular and quad 3d faces from a wireframe consisting of unordered lines.

Access methods

8 Toolbar: Reconstruct_32x32 

8 Menu: ComputationalCAD † Reconstruct faces from wireframe

7 Command entry: CC:LINES:TOFACES


Select lines:
Select the lines

Insert on layer [Current/by Line]:
<Current>:     The faces will lie on the current layer.
<by Line>:     The faces will lie on the layer of the defining lines. (default)

Specify output entity type [All/Triangles only/Quads only]:
<All>:            Both triangular and quad faces will be reconstructed (default).
<Triangles only>:          Only triangular faces will be reconstructed.        
<Quads only>: Only quad faces will be reconstructed.

Specify number of relevant decimal digits <6>:
Specify the number of relevant decimal digits of the coordinates of the start and end point of the lines. Expects an integer between 0 and 12. Default is 6.


This method identifies all triples and quadruples of connected lines that form a closed triangular or quad face (“wireframe”). The lines may be completely unordered. The direction of the line may be arbitrary. It then creates a triangular or quadrilateral AutoCAd 3d face for each identified tuple.

If the insertion layer is ‘byLine’, subsets of lines with the identical layer and colour are built before reconstructing the surface. Surfaces are then reconstructed for each subset one after another.

The output entity type allows specifying if only triangular, quadrilateral or all identified tuples shall be considered.

Before reconstructing the surface, the vertex coordinates will be internally rounded to the number of relevant decimal digits specified.




Figure 39: Surface consisting of 3d faces reconstructed from unordered lines