Slice a surface

Slice a surface consisting of 3dface entities.

Access methods

8 Toolbar: Slice_faces_32x32

8 Menu: ComputationalCAD † Slice surface

7 Command entry: CC:FACES:SLICE


Select faces:
Select the 3dfaces defining the surface.

Specify origin point of plane:
Select  the origin point of the slicing plane.

Specify point on positive x-axis:
Select a point on the positive x-axis of the slicing plane.

Specify third point on plane:
Select a third point on the slicing plane.

Specify point on side to keep or [keep Both sides]:
Select a point on the side of the slicing plane to keep or ‘B’ to keep both sides. Default is <B>.

Keep coplanar faces [Yes/No]:
Select if faces coplanar to the slicing plane shall be kept. Default is <Yes>.


The command slices a surface consisting of AutoCAD 3dface entities analogously to the AutoCAD slice solid command. Faces that intersect the slicing plane will be erased and replaced by two or three faces that respect the slicing plane. The orientation of the faces will be maintained.



Figure 21: A sliced surface. Faces below slicing plane coloured blue, faces above slicing plane coloured green

Command line prompt:

Failed faces   : 0

Faces sliced   : 2170

Faces remaining: 109647



Figure 22: Sliced surface – detail (top view)