The XYZ point format

Provides ASCII import and export of point entities.

Input format

Arbitrary comment lines start with the character 'C', all other lines are split at the specified delimiter. Empty lines are not feasible.

The first two terms (corresponding to the x and y coordinates, respectively) must be numerical. If a line only contains two (numerical) terms, the z-coordinate is set to zero. An optional third term must be numerical (the z-coordinate). Arbitrary comments can be placed after the third occurrence of the delimiter in a line. Coordinates refer to UCS.


C Most simple format: x and y with only one delimiter. z is set to zero.
  1.000,  2.000

C Also possible: x and y with two delimiters, z is set to zero
  1.000,  2.000,
C x, y and z using two delimiters. Comment not possible!
  1.000,  2.000,  3.000
C x, y and z, plus comment
  1.000,  2.000,  3.000, Comment goes here...

Example output

The first line of the file is a comment line containing the file name and file generation date. All other lines contain the x, y and z coordinates columnwise with the specified number of decimal digits (i.e. the number of decimal digits after the decimal separator) and column width. The columns are separated by the specified delimiter. Coordinates refer to UCS.

If the length of a formatted coordinate is greater than the specified column width, the respective cell is filled with the character '*'. A warning message is displayed. In this case, increase the column width or decrease the number of decimals.

Line four contains a y-coordinate greater than 9999.9999 or less than -999.9999, respectively.


C c:\ generated 10.02.2010 15:16:10
   1.2345;  -1.2345;   0.0000;
9999.9999;-999.9999;   0.0000;
1000.0000;*********;   0.0000;



Import from a xyz format file

Export to an xyz format file