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Import and export

ComputationalCAD for AutoCAD supports a couple of file formats that make it easy for standard users as well as for developers to import data into AutoCAD and to export results for further post-processing.

The ASCII xyz and 3df formats allow to import and export point and 3dface data, respectively. Entity coordinates are separated by comma, semicolon or blank separators and can be imported and exported e.g. into Microsoft Excel as .csv format files.

The XML format is an easy to implement format for developers and may be a simple alternative to the more complex dxfTM format. It allows to import and export point, line, polyline and 3dface entities with layer and color information. Developer can download a .NET class to read and write this format at


hint   If the FILEDIA system variable is set to 1, dialogs are displayed. If the FILEDIA system variable is set to 0, dialog boxes are not displayed. You can still request a file dialog box to appear by entering a tilde (~) in response to the command's prompt.



The XYZ point format

The 3d face format

The XML format

The STL format